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How to configure Report Manager to send reports to SFTP server using privateKey

In this article, we'll discuss how we can configure Report Manager premium add-on to send generated reports to an SFTP server using a private key. SFTP servers allow you to authenticate clients using private keys, which means they won’t need a password.
  1. Open Sisense Configuration Manger 
  2. Click the Sisense logo five times to display the full list of services configurations on the left, and navigate to External-Plugins-Service tab for Linux
  3. Update the following settings:
    a. Report Manager general configurations
    reportManager.sftpEnabled: If true, reports are archived via SFTP to a server designated on a per report basis. If this property is set to true, a list of SFTP server credentials must be provided to the
    reportManager.sftpServers parameter and a server must be selected for each report. The parameter is alist of allowed SFTP servers and their credentials. The parameter requires an array of server objects.

Since v.1.7.3 Report Manager plugin supports privateKey property used for connecting via SSH to some servers which configurations may require a private key for authentication.

The privateKey property should be set within reportManager.sftpServers parameter.
The property value should be one line string, that is you need to remove spaces between lines in key an add \n after each line:


 In this post, we went through the steps of setting up Report manager plugin to connect to an SFTP server with a private key instead of specifying a password

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