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Disclaimer: This is not a documented endpoint and thus might be changed in future versions. If this does not work, do not bother filing a support ticket. This is unsupported behavior. This API overview was generated based on L8.2.1. Your mileage may vary. 

Get Hierarchies
GET /api/elasticubes/hierarchies?elasticube=<elasticube title>&server=localhost
Sample Return:

Add a new level to an existing hierarchy
POST /api/elasticubes/localhost/<cube title>/hierarchies/<hierarchy id>/level
Sample Payload
Delete Hierachy
DELETE /api/elasticubes/localhost/<cube title>/hierarchies/<hierarchy id>

Create new hierarchy
POST /api/elasticubes/localhost/<cube title/hierarchies
To attach a hierarchy you must manually update the widget with the hierarchy and update the widget

This is the modification:

widget_json["metadata"]["panels"][0]["items"][i]["hierarchies"] = [<hierarchy id>,....]
i = Which dimension you want to attach the category to, 0 being the top dimension
The assignment is an array of hierarchy ids
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