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Community Team Member
You want to determine if there are any problems with your dataset from the ElastiCube and whether the question you are asking for Sisense with R integration can be answered by the data that you have.

Installing the Sisense ODBC driver

  • Download and Install Sisense ODBC driver from this link: Sisense ODBC
Note: Sisense ODBC is a licensed feature

Adding new Sisense Data ElastiCube Source to ODBC

  • Open ODBC -> System DSN
  • Add New Sisense ElastiCube data source.
  • From the ElastiCube drop-down list, select the ElastiCube.
  • Click Test to verify the connection to the ElastiCube.

Exploring ElastiCube data in R Environment

  • Open an R console window.
  • Install and load the “RODBC” Package into R
> install.packages("RODBC")
> library(RODBC) 
  • Open the connection to an ODBC ElastiCube Database.
>myconn <-odbcConnect("NW-Dan Kushner", uid="", pwd="")
  • Viewing ElastiCube Data.
  • Submit a query and return a result for exploring in R
Exploratory data analysis is the process of exploring your data, and it typically includes examining the structure and components of your dataset, the distributions of individual variables, and the relationships between two or more variables.
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