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 Analytical Need 

Sisense Pulse is a centralized location where you can stay on top of your most important KPIs across multiple dashboards or manage your data and build alerts.
In order to create a pulse alert, you need to have an indicator and define a threshold for it. When that threshold is met, a notification is sent with the relevant message to the list of recipients that was defined.
Often times we might require our pulse alert to be flexible and to change over time according to how I perform.

 Modeling Challenge

On our use case, the Sales Manager wants to receive an alert if the yesterday's sales performance is below the average.
When defining thresholds, we are required in giving a static number. As that said, would defining a static number of my average sales per day work for the long run?
As companies continue to grow, a static number of the average sales per day probably won't give me a good indication as time goes by.
How do we create a dynamic pulse alert to meet that need?


We will need to create a formula that calculates the difference from my yesterday's sales to a dynamic average sales by day calculation.
1) First, we will need to calculate yesterday's sales performance:
Next, we will create another calculation of the average sales per day, using a multi-pass aggregation. Here's a link for more information about multi-pass:
3) Now, we can subtract the average sales from the total sales yesterday, allowing us to understand how well have we performed yesterday compared to the average:
Here's our indicator after performing the formula:
4) We can now use the 'Add to Pulse' and define our threshold. If the total sales are lower than 0, we are underperforming and we would want to send an alert to the relevant people.
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