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Community Team Member
In some cases, a customer would like to have his own domain instead of the * provided by the Sisense team. 
  1. You must have a valid certificate that contains the key and cert
  2. Check whether the cer file contains a full certificate chain, validate the certificate chain using this site.
If you wish to use your own domain please follow the steps below:


  1. Generate a PFX file of your domain.
  2. Open a ticket including the requested domain and transfer the PFX file to the customer data FTPS folder including a txt file with a password.
  3. Sisense Agent will validate the PFX file.
  4. If the PFX file is valid, the Sisense Agent will reach out to schedule a time to switch the domain.
  5. At the time of the switch, you will need to add an Aname record on your domain controller pointing the new domain name to your designated Sisense machine IP. 
Changing the domain may take a few minutes to update so you may want to declare downtime during the process.


  1. Generate a key and cer files for your domain.
  2. Create an Aname Record to the IP of the machine / Multi-node - Create a Cname record to the LB DNS.
  3. Move the files over using File Management.
  4. Open a ticket including the requested domain and location of the uploaded files.
  5. The agent will schedule the time of the DNS change.
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