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This article will explain how to set up the Zoho Reports API and extract CSV data using an automated python script.  
Zoho is a cloud based CRM and HR tool.  It has many modules that help create better workflows for businesses such as Sales & Marketing, Project Management, and Help Desk.  Using the Zoho Reports Module API we are able to extract CSV data and stage it so it can easily be added to a SiSense ElastiCube.  
In this Example we have set up a table in the Zoho_CRM_Reports database called accounts.
Setup of Reports API in Zoho
  1. Create a Zoho account (For whatever Module you need, CRM, Campaigns, Sites, etc)
  2. Click on Reports Tab
    • Sign up for Zoho Reports here, and ensure that your database is set up for the module that you need (Example: Zoho_CRM_Reports)  It may take a few hours for it to be created for you.  (Zoho Reports Home - here)
  3. Get the API AuthToken specifically for Zoho Reports.  Steps to get API AuthToken here.
  4. Create your API URL.  Steps to create the URL here.  The URL you create can be pasted into the browser at any time to download the table.  
Automating the Download using Python script
  1. Follow the steps to download/setup Python3.4.
  2. Setup the attached Python Script with the corresponding credentials/information from your Zoho Reports (explanations in the script).
  3. Set up a batch file (example below) to either run as a pre-build plugin or a Windows scheduled task explained here
  4. Easily add the data to the ElastiCube using CSV format.
cd "C:\users\douglas\desktop"
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