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The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how to connect to a Sisense Elasticube from Microsoft Excel.
Begin by installing the Sisense ODBC driver.
Once it is installed, go to ODBC-64 bit from the windows search (just search odbc and it will pop up), then go to the system tab and add a new connection.
Then choose the Sisense ODBC Driver.
Add a name and a description and then click on the empty box for elasticube names. This will prompt you for a Sisense login. If working on the same server as Sisense, the server will be localhost:8081. The username and password corresponds to your login in Sisense. Note: If you receive a licensing error, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative.
Finally, select an Elasticube and save the connection. Now you are ready to connect to the elasticube from Excel.
Now open a new workbook in Excel. Select the Data tab> Get Data> From Other Sources > ODBC.
You will be prompted to either select an existing connection or enter a connection string. Select the connection and continue.
You may be prompted for credentials. However, because the connection already contains them, they are irrelevant at this stage. You can enter a random value and click continue if it will not let you continue with an empty box.
Once the connection is established, you should see all tables available in the elasticube. Please note you can not see hidden fields from the ODBC connection.
In the case above, I have selected the Admissions table and loaded it into Excel.
From this point you should have a populated table with the ability to refresh. You can append the query to join two tables together and customize the query. Please refer to the documentation for Excel Power Query.
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