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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
In pivot tables, we would like to show column grand totals on top of the table and row grand totals at front. Please let us know how to alter positions.
This script will move the grand total row to the top.  
widget.on('ready', function(sender, ev){

 if ($(".p-grand-total-row-head", element).length > 0)
 $('table#pivot_',element).prepend($('table#pivot_', element).find('tr:last'));
 $('div.table-container table', element).prepend($('div.table-container table', element).find('tr:last'));
 $(this).find('tr:first td').not('.phantom').css('border-bottom', '1px solid #ccc').find($('span, .p-value')).css('font-weight', 'bold');

$('.p-grand-total-row-head.p-first-data-col').css('border-left', 'none');

The below should work with Pivot 2.0. 
widget.on('ready', function(sender, ev){

//Define Variables
var lastRowClass = $('tr.table-grid__row:contains(Grand Total)',element).last().attr('class')
var firstClass = lastRowClass.split(' ')[0]
var secondClass = lastRowClass.split(' ')[1]
var firstRowClassBase = $('div.' + firstClass).first().attr('class').split(' ')[0]
var firstRowClassNumber = $('div.' + firstClass).first().attr('class').split(' ')[1].match(/\d+/g)

//If the first row class number does NOT equal zero...
if(firstRowClassNumber[0] != 0){

$('div.' + firstRowClassBase + ' div.table-grid__cell').css({'border-top':'','font-weight':''})
$('tr.' + firstClass).first().insertAfter($('tr.table-grid__row-' + (firstRowClassNumber - 1)))
$('div.' + firstClass).first().insertAfter($('div.table-grid__row-' + (firstRowClassNumber - 1)))

//Move Grand Total row to top
$('div.' + secondClass).insertBefore($('div.' + firstClass).first())
$('tr.' + secondClass).insertBefore($('tr.' + firstClass).first())
$('div.' + secondClass + ' div.table-grid__cell').css({'border-bottom':'1px solid #ccc','border-top':'1px','font-weight':'bold'})
$('tr.' + secondClass + ' td').css({'border-bottom':'1px solid #ccc','border-top':'1px','font-weight':'bold'})

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

This is not working for me.  Does someone have a more current suggestion.  I am using version L2023.9.0.214

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