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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Is there any logging on changes made to the schedule sync?
We have an instance where one schedule build was disabled, and we would like to find out why.


The log that shows these actions in the ElastiCube server is called ECM.log and is located in this folder: %ProgramData%\Sisense\PrismServer\PrismServerLogs

The log is not very informative, it won’t show the reason for the cancellation, or even the cancellation itself, just an “ecm_schedule” action, the name of the cube and the time of the action. For example, I created a build schedule for the Sample Ecommerce cube and cancelled it 3 minutes later, this are the logs:
[2018/11/13 10:16:08.670] [16820]:[Thread.Main],[INFO] [Monitoring.Tracking.manager]: [{"ecid":"aSampleIAAaECommerce","prod":"manager","action":"ecm_schedule","sid":636776993277601655,"type":"info","Log_Type":"Structured","Log_Version":"1.0","Log_Message":"TrackingInfo","Log_Level":"Info","Log_Component":"Monitoring.Tracking.manager","Log_DateTime":"2018-11-13T08:16:08.670Z","Log_Thread":"Thread.Main(1)","appTypeName":"manager"}  ]
[2018/11/13 10:19:44.307] [16820]:[Thread.Main],[INFO] [Monitoring.Tracking.manager]: [{"ecid":"aSampleIAAaECommerce","prod":"manager","action":"ecm_schedule","sid":636776993277601655,"type":"info","Log_Type":"Structured","Log_Version":"1.0","Log_Message":"TrackingInfo","Log_Level":"Info","Log_Component":"Monitoring.Tracking.manager","Log_DateTime":"2018-11-13T08:19:44.307Z","Log_Thread":"Thread.Main(1)","appTypeName":"manager"}  ]
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