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Download - 3D Pie Chart
This article explains how to import the 3D Pie Chart from D3 as a plugin in Sisense.
The 3D Pie Chart provides user with the ability to illustrate numerical proportion in 3D and also creates animation when a slice is select or the Dashboard is filtered.
How to Install and Configure the plugin

Step 1 - Add The Plugin
Download the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins\ folder. If you are using version 7.2 and higher unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\ folder. If the plugins folder doesn't exist, just create it. After those files have been unzipped there, you may also have to restart the web server. Now, when you create a new widget the "Donut3D" should show up in the list of options.


On your dashboard, click the Create Widget button and select Advanced Configuration. Next, select the "Donut3D" plugin from the drop down list. For the 3D Pie you will need to specify the Category and the Value. For the below example, we are counting the Total Sales for each Sales Person.
There plug-in also offer the following design option:
  1. Pie Type - allow to set the type of pie as Classic, Donut or Ring
  2. Pie Height - the slider will allow to set the height of the 3D Pie (Values ranges from 0 to 80)
  3. Labels - on/off button to control whether to show the following labels:
  • Categories - if selected will display the category name for each slice
  • Value - if selected will display the value of each slice
  • Percent - if selected will display the percent value of each slice
Making Selection
  • Selecting a slice is done by click on a specific slice. This will create a Dashboard filter similar to when selection is made via the regular Pie Chart widget
  • Clear selection is done by clicking on the selected slice
  • Once a pie is selected, the selection will be highlighted and all other slices will be transparent as seen below:
Multiple selection is possible using a Dashboard filer as seen below:
Known Issues/Limitation
  • It is only possible to select one slice at a time, no support for multiple selection from the 3D Pie
  • Download to image is not supported
  • Support only Google Chrome
  • 3D Donut - GitHub project that this widget is based off
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‎03-02-2023 09:24 AM
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