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Multiple users working on same dashboard simultaneously

10 - ETL
10 - ETL


In Sisense what setting can be manipulated if two users (one owner and other designer) wants to make changes in same dashboard simultaneously? In other words, the changes made by owner will get reflected on republishing and changes made by designer will also get reflected when republished.

Is there a way where 2 or more people can edit the same dashboard in collaborative manner without working on different copie copies ?




10 - ETL
10 - ETL


As you point out each user (owner & designer) are working on their own copies of the dashboard.  The only way  two users can edit the same dashboard collaboratively is for both to sign in as the same user.  When this need occurs, I typically recommend setting up an account used for dashboard design.  Something like:  [email protected].  Sisense does not restrict the number of users logged in with the same user account.  

If two users are editing the same dashboard at the same time, whoever hits the apply button on a widget first wins.  If user1 adds a new widget and user2 publishes without a refresh, the new widget may be missed.  So it is best that both users don't edit at exactly the same time.

Hope this helps, Jim