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Mapbox GL not displaying

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Good Day, Can someone assist? I have installed the Mapbox GL widget (
But it does not display anything, I have added the Mabbox API as per the original post but keeps displaying a grey box 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated




9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hey Jaundre @Juandres 😉

This is quite an old, unsupported community plugin developed by Takashi (great guy) in 2018, there may be a fix available to get this working but it will most likely fail in next upgrades as it is not supported any longer.

At QBeeQ we develop a wide range of advanced mapping solutions ranging from our Choropleth map which allows to plot color-coded territorial and point layers together, with many advance features such as built-in jump to dashboard, lasso-multi-selector, advanced tooltips, a wide range of design options and more. The Choropleth map is designed to be a hands-on insight mining map.

Our map allows to plot big data sets on multiple layers on the fly, to see trends of data throughout time. This powerful map also comes with a wide range of advanced features and layer types such as a heat-map as the link in your post above, 3D hexagons and polygons, arcs and points and much more.

Our Goole Maps plugin allows to plot coordinate data into clusters as does the old community plugin above,

Basically, we have a wide range of advanced mapping options available for you to test drive,

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 Always here to help,
Ido from QBeeQ

QBeeQ - Gold Implementation and Development Partner