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Exclude one group from viewing dashboards

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

We have a list of dashboards which are published to 'everyone'.  We have a few new dashboards that are being setup for a specific group of users - these users should not have visibility to the existing dashboards that are published to 'everyone'.  Is there a way to exclude a group from seeing certain dashboards? 

We could setup a new group that everyone gets put into (except the one set of users) and publish our existing dashboards to that group, but are trying to avoid the maintenance involved with that.


10 - ETL
10 - ETL

There's no way to exclude a group from seeing certain dashboards.  Your approach of a new group, etc. is the way to go.  

You can use the built-in Swagger REST API interface and the 1.0 endpoint patch/users/bulk to add your existing users to the new group.  Export a list of your user using the 1.0 endpoint get/users, with the fields value userName.  That will give you the user list JSON you can download.

You will also need to get the groupid of your new group using the 1.0 get/groups endpoint.  Once you have it, use a text editor or development tool to add the groupid to your downloaded user list json using search/replace.  Note that the groups JSON in the patch command is nested in a list so you will need to add [ ] (like this: "groups": ["648a1a463e2c74002d6c4eb2"]) around the value in your final JSON.  You're now ready to paste your final JSON into the patch command panel and execute it.

Hope this helps, Jim