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Status: New Idea

Problem: Users commonly wish to share data with their team members, but reports with many filters can be difficult to reproduce and share with others while abiding by security permissions. This causes confusion when numbers appear different, but the result is simply that the users are comparing data with two different filter sets applied.

Summary: Saved searches would allow for users to create filter sets across multiple dashboard filters to quickly return to a filtered view of data. These saved searches would also be highly beneficial if it allowed users to quickly share these filter sets with users that have access/permissions to the dashboard of origin when the two users are both part of a user group that allows filter sharing. 


Admin User Story:

  • As an admin, I would like to create a saved search that allows users to see data for each region of the United States for the current year-to-date as well as saved searches for each quarter of the current year. I don't want to create multiple dashboards or even multiple widgets as I'd like the user to be able to see consistent stats for each time frame. 
  • The admin creates a saved search for each of the desired filters to allow a user to quickly navigate and select the different saved searches to populate multiple filters at once with the desired filter set. 
  • The admin has access to share with all users, but they decide to share the filters with the Executive user group. In order to share with the executive user group, the admin must enable filter sharing within this group. The admin as well as members within the executive user group will be allowed to share with all members in the executive user group once this permission is enabled. 
  • After enabling filter sharing, the admin shares the filters with the executive team. The admin can choose to include an email or only share within the system with no notification. They decide not to notify all users of the group, but they copy the share link for the 3rd Quarter Western Region saved search. They send an email to the director of the West Region with the saved search link. (See Viewer User Story) 

Viewer User Story (West Region Director):

  • A viewer belonging to the executive user group receives an email from their Sisense admin including a link to the 3rd Quarter Western Region saved search. They click the link and are directed to the new strategic dashboard with the filter set for the 3rd Quarter Western Region applied to the available filters. 
  • The viewer reviews the data and reviews the other available saved searches for the additional quarters that were provided by the admin. The viewer clicks on the 2nd Quarter Western Region and the filter set populates in the filter pane. 
  • After reviewing the filter sets provided, the viewer adds regional subdivision filters based on the territories of their Western Region managers. The viewer creates the "West - Territory 1  (Q3)" saved search and shares it with their West - Territory 1 manager only and sends a notification to the manager.
  • In addition, the viewer identifies issues with two specific teams and filters to these teams in the manager's territory. The manager filters to the two teams as well as the product's where issues were identified. The viewer saves the search as "{Manager Name} - Quality Assurance Focus" and sends a notification when sharing the search to the manager. The saved search allows the manager to quickly highlight focal points with his manager so that the manager can review the data the director sees prior to meeting and discussing the issues at hand.  




Hello @jwoodard,

I think this is a great idea!

As a workaround, this can be accomplished with data security settings that will show data based on who is viewing the Dashboard. Please reach out to your account representative if you would like help setting that up.


Data Security does give the ability to restrict data so viewers may only be able to see what you wish, but this functionality is intended to allow a 'view' of data as opposed to restrictive access.


Data security is also only available at an admin level whereas creating optional filter views would reduce the number of dashboards needed and would be available for viewers of the data to create and share their own views of the data with multiple filters being easily applied to other users in their groups. 


Thank you for the followup. Hopefully that feature will be added to Sisense in a future release!