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Today, when you create one of the following charts: Column Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart or Bar Chart, you can add X-Axis, values and Break By. When you set a Break By, there can be only one value presented. 
Sometimes it is needed to present more than one value using a break by, for example, showing revenue and quantity divided into years for each age group:

 Using the below plugin, you will be able to present 2 values when using a break by.


Step 1 - Add The Plugin

Download the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins\ folder. If the plugins folder doesn't exist, create it. After unzipping the file, restart the web server.

Step 2 - Create The Chart

1. Create a new cartesian chart. This chart can be one of the following: Column Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart or Bar Chart,
2. Add X-Axis item, Break By item and two Values items.
3. Set the wanted series type for each value, and determine rather the value should be presented on the right y-axis or on the left y-axis*.
4. Save the widget
 * The second value to present shows as disabled but it's settings are saved, so in order to change y-axis settings/ series type setting:
           1. Enable the value item.
           2. Change the y-axis/series type settings
           3. Set the value again as disable.

Step 3 - Set the plugin to the widget via the widget script

Edit the widget script with the below script:
    prism.SecondBreakByToLineChart(widget, [index_of_the_second_value_to_add],[series_type])
For example:
prism.SecondBreakByToLineChart(widget, 1, "line");
Parameters description: 
[index_of_the_second_value_to_add] :
    The index of the second value to add. Indexes starts from 0: The first item inside the values panel has     index 0, the second value has index 1 etc.
    Default index is 1.

[series_type] :
    The type of the new value to draw. Available types are:
    line, spline, area, areaspline, column or bar.
    The default type is taken from the value type itself (within the value menu).


* The plugin works only for column/bar/area/line charts
After changing the widget type, please click "Apply" and refresh the page
The second value will be presented as "disable" inside the values panel.
The plugin does not support the "stack 100" design.
The plugin works does not support 0 values for categories or x-axis.
8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Thank you for this!!

The link is password protected, could we get an un-protected download please?

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

I am interested in using this as well but blocked by the password.

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