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Sisense portal is a small client-facing application that is used for checking and managing your license details, adding users to your license, generating a key for offline installations, accessing the Trial version, and others. Let us take a look at all options available there.

In order to log in there, you should access the URL with your License email account and its password. In case you don't remember your password, please use the "Forgot Password" option on either or

Please note that when you activate Sisense with your License account, the SysAdmin user with the same credentials will be created. Later you will be able to change its password under the Admin Tab - Users management section.

When you are authenticated, the first option available is "My License". Here you will see your license package details like - Name, # of Activations, Type, Expiration Date, My Info:

If you scroll down, you will be able to manage your license: Reset Activations, Add User to License, Generate Offline Key, Change Password. Let's talk about each option in detail.

1. RESET ACTIVATIONS - will reset the number of installations (machines) performed by a user. As long as the number of active servers does not exceed the license permission, any other running servers should not be affected by them. It could be useful when you receive the error "Your license has exceeded its user limit" during the installation. When you click on the "Reset Activations" button, the counter is set to 0, you should be able to install Sisense on a new machine. 
2. ADD USER TO LICENSE - when you have several License packages under the same email account (e.g. Dev and Prod), you will need to create a separate user to activate your installation. For this purpose, a package owner is able to add users to his license.

3. GENERATE OFFLINE KEY - this key is required when you install Sisense offline (behind firewalls, or without internet access). 
4. CHANGE PASSWORD - this option allows you to reset your license account password. 

The second section is "Download" which allows you to download the latest Windows version of Sisense when you click on it. 

The third is "Online Trial" which redirects and logs you into your Free Trial instance at It gives you a complete end-to-end BI solution and lets you experience data preparation, analytics and visualization with the Sisense application. Please note that some features like managing users, system configurations, uploading files to servers, and others are restricted in Web UI. 

In order to have more features available, you need to install Sisense locally by using the "Download" option mentioned above and logging in with your License credentials. 

If you are interested in our sample dashboards, you may visit this page to find the full list. In order to get the desired dashboard, please click on the 'arrow' sign, then Learn More and scroll at the very bottom of the page and choose the 'direct download' option:

If you have any questions regarding our product, please contact us at

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