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Community Team Member
Here is the Google Sheets version of the Checklist. 

Complete our go-live checklist to ensure you are going into production following all of the Sisense best practices!

Ensure A Healthy Production Environment

  • Complete Dev to Prod Migration
    Sisense assets have been migrated to your Production environment.
  • Automation
    Backups, SSO, and other ongoing uses of the Sisense REST API have been automated.
  • Asset Cleanup
    Unused dashboards and elasticubes have been archived, unused tables and columns have been removed.
  • Unused Plugins Disabled
    Unused plugins are disabled to reduce the risk of code conflict and performance issues.
  • Monitoring Tool
    Build times, systems resources, and other performance metrics are being monitored via Sisense Monitor
Complete Configuration Set-Up

Perform Testing

  • Data Validation
    Data integrity has been properly verified through the 10 Step Data Validation Guide
  • QA Testing
    All key functionality (access, emails, PDF exports, etc) work as expected and QA Testing is complete.
  • UAT Testing
    Signoff from key end users via UAT Testing has been communicated.
  • Load Testing
    The application has been tested under "standard conditions" for the deployment and Load Testing is complete. 
Drive End-User Adoption
  • End-User Pulse Alerts
    Deployment with at least 1 Pulse alert is planned to drive adoption of the product.
  • Release Announcement
    A release announcement to introduce and promote your new product is prepared.
  • Support Strategy
    An ongoing support strategy is in place to support questions and requests. A good place to start is a FAQ page.
  • End-User Training
    Contact your CSM for information on how to rebrand the Sisense online training assets or create your own training content.
  • Development Roadmap
    Ongoing dashboard and feature releases are documented and tracked.
  • On-Going Adoption Strategy
    An on-going adoption strategy is in place that includes product feedback from your key end users. 
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