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This forum post will demonstrate how to save your ElastiCube .ecdata file which contains your ElastiCube schema and data, and the .dash file of your desired dashboard.
The .ecdata file contains both the data and the logic structure of the ElastiCube model, the .dash file contains the widgets structure logic and the relation to relevant ElastiCube.
Exporting the .ecdata and .dash files will allow you to easily import the files and run your ElastiCube/Dashboard environment. Please note that security settings and users are stored on MongoDB and will not be stored within these files.

To avoid confusion between .ecdata and .ecube files please see the following post:


exporting .ecdata (.sdata for Linux)

Step 1 - Open the ElastiCube Manager, 'Servers' and choose 'Manage Servers' to open Sisense Server Console
Step 2 - Stop the relevant ElastiCube and Choose Export
This will open a window allowing you to choose the location of the .ecdata file
Note: in case your ElastiCube is very large, export can take a while to complete. We recommend stopping your Web server (IIS / IIS Express) to avoid the ElastiCube from automatically starting during this time, as a result of incoming queries.
Use Sisense CLI to export the .sdata file:
The command export should be used.
si elasticubes export -name MyCube -path \"/opt/path/to/NameOfCube\" -file cubeName.sdata
 Another option to export - using v2 of REST API:
To get the ID of the model, use another API call:

Or to do the same from GUI:

  1. Open the Data page.
  2. For the relevant ElastiCube, select  > Export Model.
  3. Select to export the model schema and the data.
  4. Click Export.

exporting .dash

It will be the same for Windows and Linux.
Open Sisense web, click the more options of the relevant dashboard and choose Export Dashboard
The dashboard will be downloaded to your local drive.
Creating a Sample Set of your ElastiCube
It will be the same for Windows and Linux.
If the .ecdata file is too large to transfer, you might want to create a smaller ElastiCube sample data.
To do so, duplicate the model in order to not to impact your dashboards:
And build the duplicated model with a limited amount of rows:
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