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How can I export a list of Sisense users, for example users from a specific group?


Using the REST API you can pretty quickly get this info in JSON document format.

The GET /users API supports group ID: 


You could run GET /groups with the group name to get it's ID:


Then use that group ID in the GET /users call which will provide users who are members of that group.

You can even use the 'fields' parameter to include or exclude fields.

If you use the "v1" API instead, which is at /api/v1/users, you could simplify the results from this API by specifying which fields should be returned, via the "fields" parameter:


or as it would be in the URL:


Other solution is to connect to Sisense MongoDB through Mongo Connector , before that you need to setup read user on your mongo for Sisense via this API:


After you setup this user and connect using it to Mongo on Sisense you will be able to select connecting to some databases and you should select this one:


The in Collections look for Users and Groups tables. Due to JSON structure mongo connector can generate multiple tables for Users and Groups depending on how many nested JSON structures are within it. That should be relatively easy to go through, and then you should have a full structure of Users per Group. What is more, this can be imported inside Sisense Elasticube so you will be able to create a dashboard based on this and export it into any format. 


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