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Community Team Member
I am looking for a way to hide the latitude/longitude from the tool-tip in a scatter map. It appears by default and I searched through other posts but couldn't find anything. I still want the tool tip to appear, just remove the lat/long.
The lat/long are displayed because they are the marker's name - when a textual field is used (such as a country field) - that would be displayed in place of lat/long.
There are two possible ways of achieving this:
  1. By clearing the value of the marker name
  2. By providing a custom HTML template without it
In both cases, you would start with the widget event "beforedatapointtooltip" as described in the Sisense Javascript API Reference
widget.on("beforedatapointtooltip", (event, params) => {
// params contains: widget, context, template, cancel
For approach #1 you can set the marker name to nothing: = "";
For approach #2 find the original template in the path:
C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\client\views\scattermap\scattermap-tooltip.html
Then copy it into a plugin, edit to remove the HTML element referring to the "" property, and then change the "template" to point to your custom template:
params.template = '<div data-ng-include="../plugins/myCustomTemplatePlugin/custom-scattermap-tooltip.html"></div>';
You could also simply paste the HTML itself as the "template" but that approach is less maintainable in the long run, so using a template file is preferable.
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