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Deploying Sisense with custom-defined storage classes (rwxScName / rwoScName)

Sisense can be installed on different platforms (RKE / OpenShift / EKS / GKE / AKS, etc) with a variety of storages. Usually, you just need to specify the exact supported storage type, and the additional required packages will be installed. However, there can be cases when you need to use some other storage classes that are not supported out of the box; or, you'd like to skip some specific steps during the Sisense installation (e.g. skipping FSX CSI helm chart installation because you use a different driver or need to manage it on your own).
The Helm Provisioner allows you to deploy Sisense with RWO/RWX storage classes that were defined by you.

You should use persistence.rwoScName and persistence.rwxScName parameters for this purpose. You must define both of them while persistence.storageType must be empty. 

Thus the below parameters must have those values:

  • persistence.enabled: true
  • persistence.storageType: '' (needs to be empty strings)
  • fsxDnsName: "" (needs to be empty strings)
  • fsxMountName: "" (needs to be empty strings)
  • nfsServer: "" (needs to be empty strings)
  • nfsPath: "" (needs to be empty strings)
  • efsAwsRegion: "" (needs to be empty strings)
  • rwxScName: <your-RWX-storageClass-name> (Example: 'aws-efs')
  • rwoScName: <your-RWO-storageClass-name> (Example: 'gp2')

Example below:



  enabled: true
  ## storageType: fsx, nfs (client), nfs-server
  # fsx - Will install fsx-csi driver
  # nfs - Will install nfs client
  # nfs-server - Will install nfs-server
  # efs - Will install efs client
  storageType: ''

## AWS FSx
fsxDnsName: ""
fsxMountName: ""

## NFS Client
nfsServer: ""
nfsPath: ""

efsFileSystemId: ""
efsAwsRegion: ""

## Manual ReadWriteMany, ReadWriteOnce StorageClass definition
## ReadWriteMany StorageClass name (e.g: gluster, trident, nfs, nfs-client, cephfs)
rwxScName: "aws-fsx"

## ReadWriteOnce StorageClass name (e.g: gp2, default, standard)
rwoScName: "gp2"


Set all other parameters according to the guide and proceed with the installation.

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