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Community Team Member
Community Team Member

How to Use the Top 6 Features from the April 2023 Release in Under 3 Minutes

The April release has a handful of exciting updates and new features. You can learn more about them in the 4-minute video below. 

Below is a brief explanation of the April 2023 release:

  • The new user session management page allows individual users to see all their active sessions and remove themselves from any active sessions under My Profile > Sessions. 

  • To bounce off of last month’s support release of OS- RHEL 8.7, we are excited to share that Sisense now supports K8S - 1.25.
  • Sisense has introduced a new and improved error experience with three levels of details, including error code and proposed mitigation so customers can make faster and smarter decisions.
  • For users with larger dashboards, Sisense Acceleration boosts and accelerates performance for “heavy” dashboards. 
  • Lastly, Sisense Infusion Apps are now available for ALL install types plus whitelabel support for OEM customers!

We hope these updates and features make your work with Sisense faster and more