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Community Team Leader
Community Team Leader

Scout Spotlight - Ophir Buchman.png


Each month get excited to learn from Sisense subject-matter experts and experienced industry professionals from Sisense’s Support, Engineering, Account Management, Professional Services, and Customer Success teams. 

On today’s first-ever Scout Spotlight, say hello to Ophir Buchman who is a member of our Professional Services team at Sisense! The transcript of the interview is below: 


Today we have Ophir here. Ophir is one of our Sisense experts. You’ve seen him in the Sisense Community writing Knowledge Base articles so let’s get to know a little bit about Ophir. Let’s start with our first question:  


What is your role at Sisense and what led you to join Sisense?

With 15-years of experience in the data storage industry, I’ve decided to join Sisense and pivot my career towards a new direction. The BI world has always been intriguing and provided me with new and exciting challenges.

Today I work as a Technical Account Manager as part of Sisense’s Professional Services team.

With so many years in the industry, what current BI industry trends do you find most interesting and why?

Business Intelligence allows businesses to use their data to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies in their data. They can use insights to make educated decisions, advance their impact in the market, and stand out.

While in the past, a person had to contact IT to get a report or navigate to a different window, the current market trend is to provide Analytics As a Service by placing them right where you need them.

Sisense has made Infusing Analytics their primary goal and has focused on embedding analytics and streamlining analytics into an individual’s day-to-day activities.

Perfect! Do you have a favorite Sisense feature?

I find Sisense’s AI capabilities to be one of the most fascinating features currently under development.

These allow users to get automated explanations about their data, find out where anomalies originate, and what to expect next. They will then have enough information to make an educated decision and drive their business forward.

And of course, we do have the integration using NLQ, a native language query.
Imagine asking Alexa about your financials…

In your opinion, what is one thing Sisense customers can do to optimize their Sisense experience?

Customers can optimize their Sisense experience by adopting new technologies and capabilities.

Avoid implementing descriptive BI that keeps your end-users in the past by showing them historical figures. Instead, try to progress to predictive and prescriptive BI, which focuses on the future.

Let your users see forecasts and understand what will happen next. Prescribe them with what actions should be performed to affect outcomes and meet their business goals.

Talking about Sisense customers, what are three resources all Sisense customers should have in their toolkit?

The first, and I think this is the most important, is [a resource] you already have –your people.  Make sure you use them when you plan your BI solution and get them involved in the execution phase and during the user acceptance testing (UAT) cycle. These will help drive an effective BI solution and also will lead to quick adoption.

The second resource is Sisense’s online documentation. The online documentation is constantly being updated and covers all the functionalities and features that the product has. The [online documentation] and the online training were designed in a way that allows you to search for WHAT you want to do rather than browse various articles and feature-related pages.

The last resource is Sisnese’s Online Community! The Sisense Community BETA launched a few months ago and is already receiving great feedback! Our management made sure skilled resources were allocated to answer your questions, write valuable articles, and maintain them.

Moving away from the Sisense-related questions and talking more about your personal experience, what is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

In one of my business trips in a previous role, I met with a brilliant Sales Engineer. We worked hard to deliver a POC and found ourselves exhausted, leaving the office around 10 PM.

My first thought was to go back to my hotel and get a good night’s sleep, but he convinced me to go out, have a few drinks, and enjoy the town. "Work hard, play hard," he said.

Always remember that work is important and you should put everything you have into it, but it's not everything. Make time for having fun as well!

This small lesson is part of a larger work-life balance lesson we all learned really well during COVID during the last two years.

Talking about relaxing, what book are you currently reading or what show are you currently watching? What has your attention?

When I rest my brain from work, I love watching drama and thriller shows such as Law and Order SVU, Navy Seals, The Blacklist, and the one and only Family Guy.


Beautiful! Thank you, Ophir for your time. This has been an amazing interview! Thank you for all the resources you provide our Sisense customers–they are invaluable. 


If you enjoyed this interview, please be sure to check out some of the resources mentioned such as Sisense’s online documentation or the Sisense Community

Stay tuned for future Scout Spotlight!