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Community Team Member
This article explains how to set up a jump to dashboard popup window with a dynamic elasticube
  1. Install the Dynamic Elasticube plugin
  2. Install the Jump To Dashboard plugin
  3. Add the following script to the target dashboard script:
var ECname = 'SampleEC'
var dash = '#/dashboards/5651ad912011eb940c0423dd?folder=6113ba5a26c8a3a31d005250'
var target = ((location.href.indexOf(dash)==-1) ? location.origin + location.pathname + dash : location.href) //redirecting to target dashboard if necessary

if (target.indexOf('elasticube=')==-1){
location.href = target + ((target.indexOf('?')==-1) ? "?" : "&") +"elasticube=" + ECname; //adding elasticube parameter if necessary and trigger redirect
  1. Populate relevant elasticube name and target dashboard url to the variables "ECname" and "dash" respectively
7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

What does Folder specify in the script?


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