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Logging and Monitoring in Sisense

Logging and Monitoring in Sisense TL;DR This article covers the basics of the logging and monitoring infrastructure in Sisense on Linux. What You’ll Learn What logging and monitoring information Sisense collects What tools Sisense uses How to access ...

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antonvolov by Sisense Team Member
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Report Manager: Most Common Troubleshooting Steps

Report Manager: Most Common Troubleshooting StepsSisense has gone through and collected the most commonly reported issues related to the Report Manager plugin. Save time and effort by reading through the most common Report Manager plugin troubleshoot...

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vladyslavk by Sisense Team Member
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Setup SSL on Sisense (Linux version)

Setup SSL on Sisense (Linux version) The below procedure is to outline how to set up SSL on Sisense. Why do you want to set up SSL on Sisense? When you have SSL set up on your system you can access the Sisense platform through a secure HTTPS connecti...

vsolodkyi by Sisense Team Member
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Sisense Kubernetes Cluster Health Check

Sisense Kubernetes Cluster Health Check Check the pods status 1. Check if there are pods that are not in a Running or Competed state. kubectl get po -A -o wide | egrep -v 'Running|Completed' -A is used to get pods from all namespaces (Sisense is usua...

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antonvolov by Sisense Team Member
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Build Stability Improvements on Heavy Loaded Systems

Symptoms Relevant for Linux Below are a couple of select symptoms your system could be experiencing under a big load with simultaneous builds. Please note the list is not exhaustive: Build failures over random cubes or a couple of cubes that are bein...

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Oleg_S by Sisense Team Member
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Amazon Machine Image - Create Sisense Instance

Introduction Amazon Machine Images (AMI) provide the information that will facilitate the generation of an instance. It serves as an application to create virtual machines. The AWS offering will allow Sisense customers to operate with effective redun...

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Hide a column - Linux Pivot

Sometimes we would like to hide a column in our pivot table so we will be able to apply a specific logic or order the table by a column without displaying it. The following script will allow you to hide the needed columns in your Pivot table. To impl...

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