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Calculate non unique values

Question: I have an example of data below. I want to be able to get a count of the Unique Member ID's that have more than 1 different confirmation number tied to it. So in the simple example below that number would be 1. Member 55555 has 3 entries, t...


Use Date Inside Pivot Value Cell

Question: How can I use the date in the Pivot values? Answer: You can follow these steps: 1. Convert the date into an Integer with this chunk of SQL: GETYEAR([Date])*10000 +GETMONTH([Date])*100 +GETDAY([Date]) 2. After you have an Integer representat...

Current Rank out of Total Indicator

Analytical Need In certain scenarios, one would like to show an indicator that presents the ranking of a current selection(filter) out of all the items in the pool. This allows the viewer to quickly understand how well a particular selection is perfo...

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Dynamic Pivot Table Data Bar Color Formatting

Introduction This article describes how to dynamically color the Data Bars within a pivot table based on the cell values. Presented here are two methods: Use stock gradients to provide different colors based on cell values Define RGB shade magnitudes...

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Sharing a file from a local machine in a dashboard

Sisense has the capability to share a local file (excel, word, pdf etc.) with dashboard users. Note: The file must be saved on the server in the following path: %programfiles%\Sisense\PrismWeb. You can create a new folder or save it under 'Resources'...


Dashboard Performance Best Practices

In this article, we are going to map some of Sisense Dashboard Design Best practices related to performance. When you start developing a dashboard or when you want to simply improve its performance, take a look at the guidelines below and adjust your...


Maximize Dashboard Performance

What is good dashboard performance? Dashboard performance is the time it takes to load a Sisense dashboard. We want our users to have a good experience when working with our data. The time taken to load the dashboard is the first step. Each individua...

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Pareto Analysis

Analytical Need Pareto analysis is a technique based on the Pareto Principle which states that 80 percent of problems or effects are produced by 20 percent of causes. This type of analysis can be useful in the stage of decision making, to identify th...

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Top 5 + Bottom 5 In The Same Chart

Analytical Need You want to display a chart/table with the Top X and Bottom X, all in the same widget Modeling Challenge Sisense allows setting ranking filters based on a measure, but this is only for Top OR Bottom. Solution Widget Filter: Create you...

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Send Pulse Notification Only By The End Of The Month

Analytical Need Send Pulse notification only by the end of the month to track monthly performance. Cube is being built daily. Modeling Challenge Sisense will trigger Pulse alert after every cube build if the condition is met. If the cube is being bui...

Performing An Aggregate Product In Sisense

Purpose: To create a product aggregation in Sisense (multiplies all values together, similar to the way a sum function adds all values together). Situation: A financial use case has a table with relative daily gains/losses for certain securities (thi...

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Create Widgets With Month Or Day Names By The Correct Order

Description Creating a sorted label for the week days or months (names) in a widget is not a simple task. The base sorting is based on alphabetical order and not on the logical order of days or months. For example (Issue) : Friday Monday Saturday Sun...

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Show last month with data

The last month with data isn't the current calendar month (payroll for instance).The out of the box feature of Sisense supports only the last calendar month Below shows a solution to have a default filter that shows the most updated month with data. ...

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Limit Dashboard Filter Items By Another Filter

At times, you might want to limit the items suggested in a dashboard filter by another field's value (for example: enable the user to choose between all subcategories under a specific Product Category). This functionality can be achieved using a depe...

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