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Sisense Performance: A Billion Records in a Single Server

Browsing our site, speaking to our team, or reading about us in analyst reviews, you might have noticed that we dig technology here at Sisense. That’s why when clients and prospects desire to push the limits, both in terms of data complexity and quan...

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Fields from the Dashboard (without scripting)

Analytical Need For a metric, I need to calculate the month difference between the min and max date of purchase for each brand in my dataset. I want the dates to be dynamic in respect to filtering, etc. I am using the attached .ecdata and .dash files...


Changing published widgets' attributes

After publishing a widget, we can access it's attributes to further modify it to our requirements. Step 1 - Find the Widget title Named 'widgettitle' from the browser's console, by adding a 'debugger' to the this.initializing of the dashboard. In the...

Hide a column - Linux Pivot

Sometimes we would like to hide a column in our pivot table so we will be able to apply a specific logic or order the table by a column without displaying it. The following script will allow you to hide the needed columns in your Pivot table. To impl...

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Target on Gauge

Analytical Need Gauges are types of widgets that are very helpful in presenting progress or whether a KPI is met such as current state vs. expected state based on previous calculated value. At times, we might be interested to show a target that needs...

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Grid Charts

Analytical Need Sometimes we want to display 2 dimensions and one measure in a widget. Ordinarily we will use a pivot table for this purpose. A pivot table may be very nice & good but it doesn't allow us to filter the dashboard based on values from t...

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Convey Your Message at a Glance

Statistical measurement types and visualization that supports your message Having a hard time deciding the best way to visualize your data? How can you convey your message and provide the right business context with just a glance? What you can do wit...

How to see the latest date in the Pivot?

Question: How to see the latest date in the Pivot? Answer: You need to change the date to an integer. Then I used the script in the comments in a previous post, and was able to request results. This is the script we used var m_names = new Array("Jan"...


Filter Oldest Date For Each Product In A Pivot Table

Question: I'm attempting to select the First Time (day) each product in a list was ordered. Example:Product A | 10/10/2018Product A | 10/30/2018Product B | 09/01/2016Product B | 10/10/2018Result: Product A | 10/10/2018Product B | 09/01/2016 Answer: Y...

Object Count By Limiting Object Entries

Question: I have a list of items that have multiple date-oriented entries. I have a numerical field that indicates days since last scan, so I can filter based on the lowest number of days per item. What I am trying to do is count the number of items,...


Custom/Starred Filters Not Appearing On Shared Dashboards

Question: I have created a custom starred filter, however, when i go to a different account that is not the admin, this does not appear on the date filter. Answer: Designers should be able to view starred filters when dashboards are republished, but ...

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How To Count Number Of Records Below/About MEDIAN/AVG

Question: I'm looking for a way to count number of records below and above median/AVG. Answer: Step 1: Add all category columns (Country, City, ID) to the Rows panel.Step 2: Add a column under the Value panel that calculates the total amount. The for...

Stacked Bar & Single Bar

Question: I want a Column Chart with 3 metrics- 2 of the metrics are stacked while one remains a single Column. I would even consider doing the 2 metrics stacked and the 3rd as a line, but if I choose 'Stacked' as my Column Chart Type, the ability to...

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