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Turn a dashboard into a card view - Spaces between widgets

If you wish to turn this dashboard : into this: Please copy & paste this dashboard script: dashboard.on('widgetready',function(d) { //Card view $('.dashboard-layout-column').css('background-color', '#F0F0F0'); $('.dashboard-layout').css('background-c...

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How To Create & Use Variables

Sometimes we'd like to define variables to hold specific metrics and use them throughout the dashboard in several places, with the ability to change / control them in one repository without the need to manually change each formula or widget. A good u...

Replace the homepage with an embedded dashboard

Introduction: By using the re-branding API you can replace the default homepage with a specific dashboard. (For further explanation of the branding functionality please read this article.) Keep in mind you need to leave only what you change ("string"...


Replace Values with Text - Pivot Table Widget

Introduction The following enables to change the value in pivot tables to specific strings, while allowing the use of conditional coloring as normal. Step 1 - Add The Following Script To Your Pivot's Edit Script widget.on('ready', function(){ $('td[c...


Color a column chart based on another formula

If you need to color columns in a column chart based on a different formula you will need to use the following solution. For this example, we will color the columns that calculate [Total Cost] for the [City] by another value, that is calculated by th...

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Dashboard Planning and Implementation

This page is intended to keep a focus on Dashboard design in terms of: Planning Implementation User experience and functionality Dashboard training for end users Dashboard Planning Dashboard planning goes hand in hand with project planning, and will ...

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Create an AND Filter For Survey Data

Issue In Survey Data you might have 10th or even 100ds of parameters per questionnaire, Sisense suggest transposing all the parameter into one column (See article). Once you do that you might run into an issue filtering questionnaires that answered A...

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Reset to Default Filters Button using BloX

This article will explain how to create reset to default filters button in BloX This helps in case you want to provide this icon functionality on the dashboard and not just in the Filters panel. Create a new custom action with the below code: *Make s...

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How To Create Customized "Time Frame" Radio-Button Filter

This post will show how to create an easy to use Radiobutton filter (single selection type) with a list of predefined custom time frames. The created time frames can also be used for breaking by charts or pivots, providing a visual comparison between...

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Passing Dashboard filters by URL Parameters

This article describes how the append dashboard filters as URL params to apply scope automatically to embedded dashboards. The example below shows how to apply members as filters. If you already have dashboard filters defined, you can write the follo...

Automatic switching between dashboards

This article explains how to automatically switch between dashboards every predetermined amount of time. This might come useful, when you have multiple dashboards that you want to be presented in a cycle on a monitor to reflect updated data\records. ...

Restoring dashboards default settings automatically

In this post you can learn how to automatically 'Restore Dashboard' on each page refresh or opening, this setting will always restore the dashboards initial published state for your viewers and designers. This can be used for cases where you would li...

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