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Control Chart

Control charts are a common way to show a trend line of some metric, as compared to an upper and lower boundary. This article explains how to create a control chart in Sisense.1 Step 1 - Create a Line Chart with the metric & mean Create a standard li...

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Reset to Default Filters Button using BloX

This article will explain how to create reset to default filters button in BloX This helps in case you want to provide this icon functionality on the dashboard and not just in the Filters panel. Create a new custom action with the below code: *Make s...

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How To Create Customized "Time Frame" Radio-Button Filter

This post will show how to create an easy to use Radiobutton filter (single selection type) with a list of predefined custom time frames. The created time frames can also be used for breaking by charts or pivots, providing a visual comparison between...

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Passing Dashboard filters by URL Parameters

This article describes how the append dashboard filters as URL params to apply scope automatically to embedded dashboards. The example below shows how to apply members as filters. If you already have dashboard filters defined, you can write the follo...

Automatic switching between dashboards

This article explains how to automatically switch between dashboards every predetermined amount of time. This might come useful, when you have multiple dashboards that you want to be presented in a cycle on a monitor to reflect updated data\records. ...

Change multiple dashboards owner

In case when you need to change the owner of multiple dashboards there are few ways: 1) In case all the dashboards are in 1 folder then you can select the folder and export the dashboards. ​ After what, import the dashboards back under the user to wh...


Restoring dashboards default settings automatically

In this post you can learn how to automatically 'Restore Dashboard' on each page refresh or opening, this setting will always restore the dashboards initial published state for your viewers and designers. This can be used for cases where you would li...

YTD function reference

YTD function reference Below gives a solution on how to compare this year results up to today with previous year until the same parallel day. Solution: If you want to compare this year and the previous year you can add a widget filter where you will ...

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Dashboard Comparison

In Sisense, you can view two separate dashboards side by side and slice/dice the data differently for each of them. Of course you could open each dashboard in a new tab, but then you can't see them both at the same time. This post describes how to cr...


Reorder pivot columns by viewers

Need A common requirement for self service BI is to enable the viewers to save their own report. This can be achievable in Sisense if you are a designer of a dashboard. However, when you are a viewer, you cannot even re-order the pivot columns as you...


Sisense Performance: A Billion Records in a Single Server

Browsing our site, speaking to our team, or reading about us in analyst reviews, you might have noticed that we dig technology here at Sisense. That’s why when clients and prospects desire to push the limits, both in terms of data complexity and quan...

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Fields from the Dashboard (without scripting)

Analytical Need For a metric, I need to calculate the month difference between the min and max date of purchase for each brand in my dataset. I want the dates to be dynamic in respect to filtering, etc. I am using the attached .ecdata and .dash files...


Changing published widgets' attributes

After publishing a widget, we can access it's attributes to further modify it to our requirements. Step 1 - Find the Widget title Named 'widgettitle' from the browser's console, by adding a 'debugger' to the this.initializing of the dashboard. In the...

Hide a column - Linux Pivot

Sometimes we would like to hide a column in our pivot table so we will be able to apply a specific logic or order the table by a column without displaying it. The following script will allow you to hide the needed columns in your Pivot table. To impl...

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