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Dynamic Widget Scripts

Download: GitHub LinkVersion: 1.0.0Introduction:This article explains how to install the plug-in and how to interact with the js and configuration file.Purpose/Benefits:This plug-in will add or change change the current script applied to widgets on a...

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Planning, Executing, and Monitoring your Dashboard

Introduction The following article discusses a dashboard's (high-level) development cycle. It breaks the process into easy measurable steps that start from the initial KPI planning all the way to maintaining and adjusting your end product. Table of C...

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Customizing a Pivot 1.0 Widget

Introduction The following document provides code snippets for customizing a Pivot 1.0 widget Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsHow to Use This Page?Widget CustomizationsLayout #1 - Single Row, Single Value, No ColumnsLayout #2 - Single ...

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Customizing an Indicator Widget

Introduction The following document provides code snippets for customizing an indicator widget. Table of Contents IntroductionTable of ContentsHow to Use This Page?Widget CustomizationsThe “Simple” Numerical WidgetThe “Ticker” Numerical WidgetThe Gau...

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Using Dashboard Design Patterns To Increase User Engagement

Defining and using consistent dashboard visualization Patterns will improve User understanding and engagement. What do I mean by Patterns? Simply put, Patterns are the layout (type and placement of widgets) on your dashboards. Why do layout Patterns ...

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Turn a dashboard into a card view - Spaces between widgets

If you wish to turn this dashboard : into this: Please copy & paste this dashboard script: dashboard.on('widgetready',function(d) { //Card view $('.dashboard-layout-column').css('background-color', '#F0F0F0'); $('.dashboard-layout').css('background-c...

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How To Create & Use Variables

Sometimes we'd like to define variables to hold specific metrics and use them throughout the dashboard in several places, with the ability to change / control them in one repository without the need to manually change each formula or widget. A good u...

Replace the homepage with an embedded dashboard

Introduction: By using the re-branding API you can replace the default homepage with a specific dashboard. (For further explanation of the branding functionality please read this article.) Keep in mind you need to leave only what you change ("string"...


How to create a Personalized Navigation Landing Page

Requirement In this article, we will look to create a personalized dashboard navigation landing page that shows: The logged user's most popular dashboards. Most popular dashboards on the company level. Consider further enhancing the logic presented i...

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Replace Values with Text - Pivot Table Widget

Introduction The following enables to change the value in pivot tables to specific strings, while allowing the use of conditional coloring as normal. Step 1 - Add The Following Script To Your Pivot's Edit Script widget.on('ready', function(){ $('td[c...


Color a column chart based on another formula

If you need to color columns in a column chart based on a different formula you will need to use the following solution. For this example, we will color the columns that calculate [Total Cost] for the [City] by another value, that is calculated by th...

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Dashboard Planning and Implementation

This page is intended to keep a focus on Dashboard design in terms of: Planning Implementation User experience and functionality Dashboard training for end users Dashboard Planning Dashboard planning goes hand in hand with project planning, and will ...

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Create an AND Filter For Survey Data

Issue In Survey Data you might have 10th or even 100ds of parameters per questionnaire, Sisense suggest transposing all the parameter into one column (See article). Once you do that you might run into an issue filtering questionnaires that answered A...

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