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Adding A Total Row Or Column To Your Cohort

In many cases, a cohort grid can benefit from showing the rolled-up row or column totals. This can be accomplished within the query by UNION'ing the appropriately grouped columns. Let's start by taking a look at the structure of our baseline cohort g...

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Dynamic Line Or Scatter Chart Based On A Date Range Filter

Single Scatter Point Chart Line Chart for Multiple Data Points Background Let’s say that we would like a dynamic chart where we can visualize the number of users who started a game session over the course of a month as a line chart, but also have the...

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Recommendations For A Book/Tutorial On SQL For Sisense

Question For a novice starting out with Sisense and a very basic knowledge of SQL, would someone in this community be able to recommend a book and/or tutorial that could help expedite learning the SQL syntax used in the system to set up custom tables...

How To Filter For The Last Two Records Using SQL In Ecube

Question How to find out if there exists the top 2 records for the same ClientID in a table. I know that the MAX gives the Top record and that SQL has the LIMIT 2 but I cannot use these two keywords in eCube. Answer This can be easily done within the...

Using SQL Coalesce To Handle Null Values

Question SQL NULL is not technically a value, but rather a state. Fields are not equal or not equal to null, they are or are not null. As such, null fields can get a little tricky when attempting different kinds of transformations. For example, mathe...

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Flattening JSON Objects In SQL Server

Question In instances where tables within SQL Server contain JSON objects within a column you can use the import SQL query editor feature in Sisense to flatten these objects into individual fields. For example: Can be turned into: Answer To accomplis...

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Consortium Data By Masking Sensitive Values

Question Some organizations provide Sisense to their clients as part of their business offering. Some of these organizations would like also to provide clients with the consortium data derived from Sisense - a single ElastiCube where clients submit t...

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Removing Leading Zeros

Question What is the best way to remove leading zeros? I have a field that is alphanumeric values (JONESBJ001, SMITH KC02, 0000012345, 0000555213. Answer If all of your data with leading zeros will always be some sort of numerical string (i.e. there ...


Benefits of JSON support in Postgres

The promise of Postgres JSON JSON support is the most interesting new Postgres feature of the last few years. It relaxes the primary constraint of SQL databases — the rigid schema structure — by letting you store semi-structured data in your tables a...

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