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BloX - Date and Timestamp Range Filter

Sisense doesn't currently support filtering on timestamps natively. This article shows how we can leverage BloX to work around this limitation and allow users to select a date and timestamp range to filter their dashboards. (This is an updated versio...

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Jump To Dashboard Filter

Question How can I pass the filters from the JumpTo Dashboard in BloX? Answer You can choose the filters you would like to pass on to the Jump To by defining them in the action's panelsToInclude property: Each panel that you would like to pass on as ...


How to create a Pop Ups

Question How can I trigger a popup every time I open a dashboard using BloX or JS, as is shown in the picture? Answer You already have the code for the popup itself then you can easily wrap it as a plugin and use the "dashboardLoaded" event to trigge...


Any Way To Hide Carousel Navigator Arrows?

Question When using the Indicator Sparkling template, once I add an Item (dimension) for the sparkline, the carousel navigator arrows appear. Since they are not needed, I would like to hide them. Is there a way to do that? Answer You can use the foll...

Set Default Carousel "Index" To Value Of Filter

Question Is there a way to set the default panel of the BLOX widget to the month that is currently set in the FilterDash month? That was when a user loads the page, they don't get confused by the mixed messages of BloX vs rest of widgets? Answer You ...

BloX Widget On Click

Question I am trying to make it a widget button and switch the dashboard once it was clicked. Is there a way to achieve it? Answer You can use this script. It uses the standard BloX OpenURL action and will build and style a web page opening button. T...

Add Non-Repeating Header To List Of Items

Question How to add a main header row that contains the column title of each row of data? Answer You can solve it with a widget script, please follow these steps: 1. Add a class to your "title", or the part that you only want to repeat once (in our c...

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Custom Action To Scroll-Down To A Specific Widget

Question Would it be possible to add a scroll to a widget location action? So I have a top panel that has an action of: "navigate to Actions widget"? Answer You'll need to create a custom action and include something like: var elmnt = document.getEle...

BloX Data Input To Keep The Entered Value

Question I want to use the Date picker for filtering, however, the dates selected are not getting preserved by the date picker and might be confusing for the end users whether the date is selected or not. Answer You can use the script to keep the sel...


Use BloX Script In PDF

Question When applying the script in BloX - the change is not applied in PDF. The example of the script: This looks fine in the BloX editor, Dashboard and PDF preview: But the script is not applied to the exported PDF: Answer Replacing the arrow func...

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BloX Template: Guided Tour/Help

Question Is there a way to sett up tours or help bubbles for your the app? Answer Here is the link to the Github, for Shepherd.js. It's a Javascript library that can help with the solution. This is how we set...

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Custom Script For Blox Panel Name

Question Is there a way to tie a default filter (set to "all") so that instead of Blox just displaying the top name in from the data, it triggers a custom phrase instead (like "Aggregate")? Answer Here's a simple way to do something of the kind! Two ...

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Filter selections in Blox widget

Question How to show the values selected in the dashboard filter as a Blox widget? Answer Our example uses a filter / field called "Fake Names"First, in your BloX widget's Editor tab: 1. Set "showCarousel" to "true", but add the following option to m...

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JS Charting Gauge in Blox

Question How can I create a Charting Gauge in Blox? Answer You will need 5 items; A field for indicating the pointer-value. In the example the number in the middle and the yellow marker Gauge minimum Gauge maximum One and Two indicate the chart inter...

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