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DownloadTime Series
The OOTB charts in Sisense limit the date roll-up granularity to days. This imposes limitations when working with granular times series data. 
This plugin facilitates roll-up of dates up to the millisecond level. It also supports a split chart view which splits each measure into its own plot area.
Note: This plugin is an enhancement of the Highcharts Zoomable Line Chart widget.
Download the plugin folder (TimeSeriesChart) and place it in your Sisense plugins folder. The Widget displays as Time Series Chart in the widget selection list.
C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins
If you are using version 7.2 and higher unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\ folder
Data Preparation
This plugin accepts a date as a Unix Time Stamp - The number of milliseconds after Jan 01, 1970. You need to add an expression field in your elastic cube to convert your date field to a Unix Time Stamp.
Note: Set the column type to big-int.
(DayDiff([DateField], CreateDate(1970,1,1)) * 86400000) +
(GetHour([DateField]) * 3600000) + (GetMinute([DateField]) * 60000) + (GetSecond([DateField]) * 1000)
Label Format Sets the format of the markers on the X Axis.
Note: The Label Format setting will not roll-up the date. Use the formula to set the level of granularity. e.g. If you wish to roll-up the dates to the hour, then eliminate the minute and second portion of the formula.
Split Chart - Splits the chart into multiple plot areas, one for each measure in the Value panel.
Theme - Sets the color scheme of the chart.
Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

There might be an issue when the plugin renders a blank widget on newer versions of Sisense for Linux. To make it work, just comment the line 222 of the widget.js by adding // at the beginning:

//var defaultColors =;

Hope this helps!

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Thank you @intapiuser and @taras .  This does help address my usecase. I have however run into problem. The X axis which displays the hours starts with some offset minutes. As seen in the below chart, instead of displaying every hours 9:00 AM, 10:00AM, the x-axis starts at 09:20 am.  Any ideas on tweaking the script to fix this error ?



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