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Sisense Team Member

Sisense Support Transformation and Upgrade


Migration Timeline and Status Updates:

Update (Jan 30th, 2023):

MIgration is complete. We are addressing minor issues and clean up tasks throughout the remainder of the day. Please see the Customer Notes below. 


Customer Note: We apologize for any duplicate email notifications received. You may have also inadvertently received a Case Closed notification. Please disregard this, agents will comment shortly on such cases, and you can ignore any erroneous messages. 

Customer Note: All customers must use their Community account credentials to sign in and access the new Portal. If you have not registered for Community, please create an account here. Please allow 5 minutes for account access permissions to sync.

Customer Note:
For any Portal sign-in issues, please inform your CSM directly via email.
For any Critical Priority tickets, you may temporarily use the email channel directly at: 

Customer Note:

Previous/existing ticket attachments are still being processed and may not be visible in the Portal. Your Support Agent can reshare as needed while these processes complete.  



Date/Time Item Status
Friday 5:00pm EST Data delta sync Complete
Monday 9:00am EST Redirect to new portal/login Complete
Monday 9:00am EST Adjust email to new system  Complete
Monday 9:00am EST Data delta sync Complete
Monday 9:50 am EST Cloud for Data Teams widget migrated Complete
Monday 10:00am EST Data delta sync 2 Complete
Monday 10:30am EST Ticket Portal/Contact Form Upgraded Complete
Monday 10:45am EST Old system email deliverability turned off Complete
Monday 11:00am EST Delta Sync 3 Complete
Monday 11:25am EST All Service Channels are migrated and active. We are officially live on Service Cloud.  Complete
Monday 12:00pm EST Delta Sync 4 Complete
Monday 11:30am EST Clean up work In progress



Update (Jan 23rd, 2023):

We wanted to give you a quick status update on our Support Migration.

We are a GO for migration and will start the process at 5:00 PM EST on Friday, Jan 27th.

To ensure as little disruption to our customers and agents alike, some operations will be performed during low volume times over the weekend.

We expect to be fully cutover to our new systems by 12:00 PM on Monday, Jan 30th. 

We will provide a status update via email when we start and complete this effort, as well as posting updates to this article.

Update (Jan 9, 2023):

Happy New Year!

TL;DR: The migration to ServiceCloud is almost here! The migration to Service Cloud remains on track for the end of January with an expected launch target of January 27th to January 30th.

So far, the Sisense team has completed the full historical data migration and began additional quality testing over the holidays. A week before the launch, we will provide a Go/No Go for the current target date in addition to the updates we are providing throughout the process. 

Thanks for your patience. We look forward to seeing you in the Sisense Community soon!

We will expect little to no downtime for the following actions:

  • Accessing the Case Portal for ticket management
  • Creating cases via the web form
  • Using Chat Support for the Cloud for Data Teams platform
  • Receiving ticket updates via email notifications/alerts

The migration will be fully staffed and monitored, with all core functionalities tested in sandbox environments before implementation.

Update (Dec 9, 2022):

TL;DR: The migration to Service Cloud has been postponed until the end of January.

Why? Leadership at Sisense made this decision to ensure a stress-free transition for our Sisense customers. We understand that a mid-holiday migration is never easy, so we decided it would make much more Si-Sense to postpone the migration until after the holiday season. 

We are excited to start off the new year with an entirely revamped Support experience! We will continue to provide updates via the Sisense Community, so if you have not joined our thriving community for all things Sisense, please do so now. 

One of our values here at Sisense is when we find a better solution, we implement it. To that end, the Sisense Support team is excited to announce that a  significant transformation is underway to bring our customers and partners quicker response times, quality solutions, and a reduction in overall resolution times. 


This transformation is all-encompassing, from revamping our Support model to updating our teams' tools.  Sisense’s Support team has moved away from the traditional tiered support structure and has adopted a more cutting-edge support model. By combining Intelligent Swarming with methodologies with Knowledge-Centered Service best practices, we are excited to offer best-in-class customer support to all Sisense customers. Curious to learn more about our new Support model? Learn more here:


The second phase of this transformation was to reconsider the tools and processes used to support our customers. Though the questions were challenging, the answer was simple; we must lead by example and focus on helping our customers infuse data everywhere. 


Due to Sisense’s relationship with Salesforce as a trusted partner of our CRM platform, we are happy to share that we are migrating to Salesforce Service Cloud for our Service management solution. To implement Salesforce Service Cloud, this project requires close collaboration with our friends at Khoros, who power our Sisense Community. Both of these market leaders are working hand in hand to deliver a customer experience that is unified, easy to use, and delivers outstanding customer Service and Support. 


What Changes You Can Expect:


Support Cases/Tickets (general)

  • Existing Cases: All historical and open tickets will be migrated and available in the new system
  • Case Numbers/Reference IDs: Ticket numbers/references are changing, but previous numbers will be visible for our teams and customers for easy reference.
  • Email Notifications - Open Cases: All open cases will have an update email notification sent, which will include new case reference numbers. This will allow any replies from that point to be associated with the correct case in Service Cloud. 
  • Email Notifications - Closed Cases: Closed and solved cases will not receive an email update. Customers should not reply to old email notifications for such cases and should create new cases as needed.



  • Relocation: The customer portal will now reside within the Sisense Community. All existing links will be updated accordingly. 
  • Authentication/User Migration: Customers with existing Community logins should not need to take any actions. If you have not registered for the Sisense Community, please register here:
  • Changes: While minor design elements are expected to change (but will maintain a familiar look and feel), overall functionality will remain the same. 


Case Creation Form

The case creation form will have the following changes:

  • Relocation: The case creation form will now reside within the Sisense Community. 
  • Authentication: Both the Community and Customer Case Portal will now share the same login. To match customers with their account details when creating a case, all customers/partners must authenticate and sign in to the Sisense Community
  • Form Changes: Additional options and fields have been added to the case creation form to speed up response time and resource assignment. We ask our customers to help enable the best customer service by using all available fields to describe their inquiries/requests as best as possible. The more information we are given, the faster we can assign the best possible resource in the shortest amount of time. 


Partners (Case Creation and Portal Changes)

Sisense Partners can now select from a dropdown list of related customer accounts to choose which company the case will be related to. Once launched, Sisense will provide resources and training.  Please contact your Partner Manager directly if you need additional help or experience issues with the new functionality. 


Questions and Help:

You have questions. We have answers! For any questions, feedback, or problems related to this migration, please email

Sisense commits to ensuring that this transition is as seamless as possible. 

We look forward to the next era of Sisense Support!

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Is anyone else getting an "Access Denied" message when visiting the link to the new support portal?

access denied.jpg

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

I am noticing that all the tickets I was cc'd on but created by others on my team are no longer accessible. All previous comments are absent as well! Any chance this can be remedied? 

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