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Hi All! Welcome back to this second edition of the Developer Digest! Sisense on Linux is around the corner, Sisense Masters Days continue around the globe, check out detailed content on manipulating Sisense JAQL and follow a trending topic from the community in the recent past!

Sisense On Linux Is Almost Here!

This one has us excited because of the all the best-of-breed open source cloud-native technologies it is built on - aka - it gives more power to developers deploying, scaling, managing and automating the Sisense deployment! The new Sisense on Linux deployment,  built on a modern Microservices Architecture based on best-of-breed technologies like Docker containers and Kubernetes Orchestration enables you to leverage the benefits of Linux, seamlessly embed Sisense into your DevOps processes and build custom data-driven applications fast. Currently in Beta, with GA coming out soon.
Check out our Sisense on Linux landing page here. And stay tuned to this space to know more as we roll this out.

Sisense Masters Day

Sisense Masters Days continue to be held at multiple locations across the world. With three tracks planned -- Power Analytics, Power Developer and Power Embedding , Sisense Masters allows you take a deep dive into building, maintaining and customizing Sisense.
Learn more and register for the Sisense Masters Day here.
If you are particularly interested in the Power Developer Day and would like to see more options, please let us know here.

Go Under The Hood Of Sisense: The Sisense JAQL Tutorial

Sisense dynamic query generation at run-time gives Sisense the flexibility that we are used to -- be it, drilling-to-anywhere, reusing data models across use cases or lack of pre-aggregation. These generated queries are constructed in the JAQL format (Query Language for JSON). Sisense, through its APIs, gives you the power to manipulate the queries and customize Sisense to specific needs, if and when required.
The Sisense JAQL tutorial teaches you how to build that first JAQL query, use JAQL for custom filters all the way to using JAQL queries in Scripts.

Community Showcase: Custom Bar/Column Chart Plugin (Show Totals, Sort Categories, Sort BreakBys)

This popular plugin built by a fellow Sisenser allows you to sort the bar or column chart containing a break by based on total amount, sort the breakby as well and see the total value for each bar/column.
Click here to check out the Custom Bar/Column Plugin.
If you haven't already and are interested in this content, please let us know here. It will take less a minute!
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