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Hi and Welcome to our monthly Developer Digest! Read on to learn more about an exciting new feature that can help you turn existing dashboards into beautiful, actionable apps, read a detailed how-to article on automating row-level data security for scale and meet a developer like yourself who built a lot of cool tools and add-ons with Sisense at Tessitura Network.

What’s New In The Developer World?

If you haven’t heard already, Sisense BloX is here! Go beyond traditional dashboards and build beautiful, custom, and actionable analytic apps that look any way you want with HTML and CSS in a low-code environment.
You can also give your users the ability to take actions in applications outside of Sisense directly within Sisense BloX through integrations with Zapier, LightBox, POST functions, and more. Leverage available templates to jumpstart dev and also save templates to share your work. Sisense BloX builds on Sisense’s native query engine for the metric calculations.
Explore the Sisense Blox tutorial here or watch the webinar here.

Secure Your Data And Implementation At Scale

Here is a scenario that you might be in: you have data security requirements to be implemented down at the row-level. The number of users and use cases are growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage these settings manually.
This is a good problem to have but the effort it takes to handle it manually can be time-consuming and frustrating.
Sisense provides a comprehensive set of REST API endpoints to automate the entire security setup. The rules can be pulled from an external system of records or from a Sisense ElastiCube that holds the data security definitions.
See how you can automate row-level security using Sisense APIs.
The article discusses data security strategy, relevant endpoints to use, and code to achieve what you need!

Automation, Integration And Customization At Tessitura Network

Sisense is in use across many of Tessitura’s 650 member organizations. Tessitura integrated the installation of Sisense application components with their Tessitura Installation Manager, and created a consistent and seamless experience for their users by white-labeling Sisense, created several cool front-end plugins like the Widget Data Dictionary and a write-back plugin. In addition, they implemented the Single Sign-On (SSO) and dynamic user permissions workflow between their main application and Sisense.
Check out a how-to guide into Patrick’s work with Sisense at Tessitura Network here.
It covers the automation and plugins developed.

Developer Speak!

Meet Patrick Drew, a key player at Tessitura Network’s Product Development team who instrumented their Sisense deployment through automation, integration and customization.
We sat down with Patrick to glean some insights and take a deep dive into his work with Tessitura Network and Sisense.
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Tessitura Network?
I am a Developer for Tessitura Network, we help advance the business of arts and culture. My primary responsibility is to help develop our new Business Intelligence product, Tessitura Analytics. I take care of our Sisense integration, deployment automation and front-end customization. I started working for Tessitura in 2015, but I have used our software for over a decade. My journey with Tessitura started at our member organization Sydney Opera House, where I held roles in ticketing, marketing, and information technology.
  • What was key to your success in automating and customizing Sisense for the Embedded Analytics deployment at Tessitura Network?
Sisense is incredibly feature-rich and enabled us to achieve our goals for the integration, one of which was to make it feel like a native extension of our application. The Sisense installer is scriptable and not dependent on the UI, which made it possible to bundle it with our Installation Manager. The Sisense Shell allows us to programmatically configure and deploy ElastiCubes to our members’ environments. The Sisense API offers a comprehensive range of resources that let us white-label the web application, dynamically replicate our user security upon sign-in, and import prebuilt dashboards. I am also a huge fan of the client-side plugin framework, we’ve extended and enhanced the already impressive Sisense user experience with custom front-end functionality specific to our primary application.
  • What are some things on your roadmap for customization or developer related work with Sisense in the near future?
As we continue to migrate features from our Windows desktop client to an Angular frontend, we intend to leverage Sisense.JS for embedded analytics. We have built a prototype using the sample provided by Sisense as a guide and found the process straightforward.
I am currently working on a handful of custom widgets to offer our members specialized visualizations such as timelines and chord charts using third party JavaScript libraries like D3 and Vis.js.
  • What word of advice do you have for others starting out on their embedded analytics deployment journey?
If your goals dictate heavy customization and you feel like you are hitting a wall, do not despair, Sisense is highly flexible. We found a way to achieve almost all of our objectives with the deployment, and on the rare occasion we encountered a roadblock, our dedicated Customer Success Manager was able to put us in touch with a technical professional who could help us out.
If you are interested in this content, please let us know here. It will take less a minute!
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