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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Sisense Application Logs

The Sisense Support team typically uses the application log data to investigate outages, troubleshoot bugs, or analyze reported issues. Analyzing application logs can help the Support team determine the root cause of incidents. 

The location of log directories on a single node:

/var/log/sisense/sisense/combined.log -- logs of all services

If your environment does not have this setup, here is how you can gather the appropriate logs to share

For Example, interested to Access galaxy logs:


kubectl -n sisense logs $(kubectl -n sisense get pods -l app="galaxy" -o custom-columns="" )


Tail the log and print the last 100 lines:


kubectl -n sisense -f --tail=100 logs $(kubectl -n sisense get pods -l app="galaxy" -o custom-columns="" )


Get logs from specific pod:


sisense@node1: kubectl logs $(PODNAME) -n $(NAMESPACE)


Helpful Tips:
In all Sisense installs, it would be very helpful to generate the Support File in the Admin tab under 'System Management'.  When the issue occurs, you can download the file; this application log is a file that contains information about events that have occurred within a software application. This file contains logs of all services.


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