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Community Team Member
Hi everyone,
We've put together a cool script that will help you figure out what dashboards are being used by your users. 

Imagine this, you have created 100 dashboards. You as a designer have shared them with all your users. It's been a few months and performance is starting to degrade. You have been advised to remove some dashboards that aren't being used. 

How can you know? Usage analytics may provide some information about the past 30 days. But your manager wants to know what dashboards haven't been used by more than a handful of users in the past 90 days. 

Well here's an easy to use script that will check all of the dashboards on your system and check how many people have used the dashboard in a given date range. Now it'll be a breeze to target your underperforming dashboards.
You can see the script here:

All you need to configure is the login credentials for your server (must be run as an admin), the location to save the report, and the number of days you consider "recent".

The output will be a CSV file like this

We get the name of the dashboard, it's id, the owner, the number of users who accessed that dashboard in whatever you have defined as recent, as well as the most recent time it was accessed. 

This program can take some time to run, but there should be an indicator that ticks upward to let you know it's working. 

If you have any questions about this script please feel free to ask here or on GitHub. 

If you have questions about PySense, you can get more info here:
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