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Community Team Member
PySense is an SDK to help you manage your Sisense instances. Currently automation requires a somewhat intricate knowledge of the Sisense REST API. The goal of PySense is to abstract this away in order to make integration of Sisense into your work flow much more simple. 
Instead of managing JSON blobs representing Sisense assets, you'll be able to manipulate your assets as objects simplifying the size and complexity of your Python code. 
PySense is hosted on pypi and can be installed via "pip PySenseSDK". More information on that here.
This is the GitHub for PySense. It is the primary resource for up to date information about PySense including it's current capabilities and limitations. 
Check the documentation to see if what you want to do is currently supported. 
PySenseSDK does not cover all of the REST API, instead focusing on making the most commonly used endpoints as accessible as possible.
If you have an issue you are welcome to comment here or on GitHub and I will look into it as time allows. 
The code is licensed under GPLv3.
7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Is this repo going to be maintained by SiSense?

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