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At the end of the webinar, we answered several questions, however, we didn't have the chance to address all of them. Below you can find some of the remaining questions, together with answers from Adi Azaria to each:
1) What benefits have Sisense customers gained from using the bot?
Adi: “Using bots, is taking the hassle out of opening the entire dashboard in order to get only one specific insight. Many of our customers, when they need a specific or a single item, they just go to the bot. A bot is a really useful way of getting facts to a group of people, who are using communication channels as Slack or Skype. For example, we know, that some of our customers, have their entire organization working in Slack. As a result, it's very native for them to also get BI information over there. It created more adoption in the BI and people are actually being held accountable right now, because they cannot avoid the information, using the Slack platform.”
2) It's a new tech, is it really adding value?
Adi: “Good question! Started as some sort of a gaming platform, by Facebook and others, bots were meant to replace applications. In my opinion, we are in transition right now. Bots are good for some specific things, and applications and mobile apps are good for other things.
Bots are really good to get things done. If you want to order a pizza or flight, or getting information from your BI system - the bots are great for that! For other more complicated stuff, they are not so great. In our perspective, they have their advantages and disadvantages. You are always in context, you can ask a question, extend it, filter, or share it. Everything is always within the context and definitely adding real value, because more of the organization can actually work with the data without opening any kind of BI dashboard.
People are used to chat, we are in the world where the ways we communicate is changing. From phone to email and now we see more of chats: Snapchat, Facebook and many more. Everybody are chatting these days, we are muted. Without saying whether it's a good or a bad thing, it's a fact and we are utilizing this fact, allowing users to use their own mute communication as a means of getting more information.”
3) The bot seems very new and different from Sisense's core offering historically. How does it relate to the key strengths of the platform?  
Adi: “Very good question. Bots by nature are like chatting with somebody else. Imagine yourself asking somebody a question and he returns to you only after half hour/hour. You lost the communication line. It's not interesting anymore. Today, when you ask a question, you expect an answer immediately. This is where Sisense comes in. Very similar to the Echo device. You ask a question and you expect an answer, even on a billion rows, immediately, in less than a few seconds. Otherwise, it's not relevant anymore. The bots are utilizing the Sisense engine in many different ways. The Sisense Elasticube join multi data sources of complex data, into unique, very strong engine, that can provide answers to your questions in a blink of an eye. The bots are giving you the ability to ask those questions in a natural way. Both technologies joined together are a huge asset to any organization today.”
If you missed the "Sisense Chatbot Turns Business Analytics Into a Two-Way Conversation" webinar, click here to view the recording. As always, feel free to ask here any additional questions you may have or share your perspective on Sisense Chatbot technology.
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