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Disclaimer: This tool is unsupported and will not be maintained/updated for any future versions. If you require any changes/updates/bug fixes you will need to perform them yourself. 
Note: this only works with the windows version of Sisense.

mceclip1.png Analytical Need 

In a typical Sisense environment there are many builds running at different times of the day, there could be several versions of the same cube (which pull the same data from the same source) and you actually want to know where the data is coming from and how big are your tables and other valuable information regarding your cubes.


This solution is comprised of 3 elements (attached below):
1) An executable file - scans through the monitoring logs and parses them onto 2 csv files
2) An smodel file - schema of a cube that for these 2 csv files
3) A dash file - dashboard displaying the desired information
How to implement the solution:
1) Download and run the builds_duration_stat_v_0_2.exe file onto your Sisense server (takes several minutes to run, depending on the amount of cubes & their metadata)
This file generates 2 csv files under C:\build_monitoring (All the data is for the past week):
  • build_duration_statistics.csv - detailed information on every step of the build for every run for every cube
  • build_finish_status.csv - high level statistics on builds finished statuses, dates & duration f
2) Download & import the smodel file into your data tab and build it
The schema contains 3 fact tables & 2 dimensions:
  • Facts:
    • build_duration_statistics - as explained in section 1
    • build_finish_status - as explained in section 1
    • LastRun - The last run date, duration & status for each cube
  • Dims:
    • Dim Cube - list of all cubes in the csvs
    • Dim Date - All the dates in the csvs
Image 1. Schema
3) Download & import the dash file into your analytics tab and view the data. 
Image 2. Top of the Dashboard
You can automate the entire process (parsing & building the cube) using the below attached .bat file. You need to define where will the "builds_duration_stat_v_0_2.exe" file reside (under "set exe_path")
Once the bat file is ready and located on the Sisense server, you can schedule a task for it using the windows task scheduler.
Content of the bat file:
@echo off

set exe_path=C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads
start /wait /d "%exe_path%" builds_duration_stat_v_0_2.exe
start /wait /d "C:\Program Files\Sisense\Prism" psm ecube build name="builds_monitoring" serverAddress="localhost" mode="entire"

Screenshot_92.png Attachments

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