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Community Team Member
In some cases you would like to add many users manually and in bulk, and won't want to go through the process of entering one at a time.
With the following python app you will be able to insert users from a CSV by just running it.
  1. Download the attached zip file, and extract it.
  2. Download the example users.csv file
  • The file has no headers and the structure is as followed: Email, User Name, First Name, Last Name, Role, Group
    • The roles are - admin, contributor, consumer and dataDesigner
  • If you have more than one group add the second group using a pipe "|". Example Group 1|Group 2 
  1. In the folder open Settings.yaml file
  • Change the "api_token" to your admin token - view "To retrieve the User Token for authenticating requests" on this page
  • Under "mongoWriteUserPass" - Insert your WriteUser password - To create the password view first section on this page
    • In "Sisense host" enter the domain you are using for Sisense
    • In "protocol" Enter https or http
  • In "port" Change it to the port you are using for SSL(https) set it for 443
  • In "csvFilePath" specify the location of your CSV file, make sure to have double backslash
  • Save
  1. Run as Admin the bulk_user_load.exe file
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