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The purpose of this article is to provide the step-by-step actions necessary to allow changes to your license to be reflected in your Sisense instance.
For the changes to your license be applied on your Sisense instance, please follow the instructions below on all the servers that use the updated license in question.
On each of your Sisense servers please do the following:
  1. Within the Windows menu, search for Sisense Activation, then right click 'Run as Administrator'
  2. Take note of the email address your account is set up under (you will need the password when you log back in)
  3. Sign out of your Sisense account
  4. Close Sisense Activation
  5. Stop and Restart the Sisense.Oxygen service by doing the following,
    • Open the Control Panel 
    • Administrative tools 
    • Services
    • Locate the Sisense.Oxygen service and right click and select Stop to stop it
    • Then, right click and select Start to start it
  6. Then reopen and log back in to Sisense Activation
  7. Verify that the account page reflects the license update change (if it is a license expiration extension, increase in number of users, etc).
    In this example, the license was extended by one year and the number of users was increased from 9 users to 20 users.
    You can also check additional license information in the Admin tab of your Sisense Web site: Admin tab > License Utilization


If after logging out, then attempting to log back in you run into the error "Your license has exceeded the user limit":
Please take the following steps:
  1. Navigate to and log in with the primary package owner email (typically the activation email address for Production).
  2. Locate the license name and click the edit button
  3. Select the user account for the server(s) you are updating according to what you had in Sisense Activation:
  4. In the Activations section, click "Reset" to reset the servers you have authorized your license for
  5. Navigate to each server you have this license on and open Sisense Activation as an Admin
  6. Note the user you are logged in with
  7. Click on "Sign Out"
  8. Sign back in with that same user
If you continue to run into issues with this, please create a ticket so our Support team can assist you.
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