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If you'd like to replace the stock Sisense emailing service with an Outlook365 SMTP server, this guide is for you.
Steps to set up:
1. Run
POST v1.0 /settings/email_server
With the following body:
   "pass":"",                         // SMTP SERVER ADMIN PASSWORD
   "user":$SMTP_SERVER_ADMIN_EMAIL             // YOUR SMTP SERVER ADMIN. i.e [email protected]
    2. Open the Configuration Manager by accessing localhost:3030 (Windows) or http://{IP}:30845/app/configuration/system on Linux.
    3. Click 5 times on the Sisense logo (top left hand side) to open the advanced settings.
    4. Click on the Base Configuration and find the Email section.
    5. Change the email.senderEmail to match the user email set in step 1:
6. Restart the Galaxy and Gateway services for the changes to take effect.
You should be aware that Outlook365 has a limitation of a maximum of 3 concurrent connections. This means that no more than 3 email requests can be sent the server to the recipients. If more than 3 connections are made, the following reports will fail. If you notice that some emails haven't been received, modify step 1 parameters to enable the logger and debug logs:
   "debug": true,
   "logger": true,
And restart the Gateway and Galaxy service.
Then look for the following error:
`432 4.3.2 STOREDRV.ClientSubmit; Sender Thread Limit Exceeded`
in the Galaxy logs.
Galaxy log location in Windows:
Galaxy log location in Linux:
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‎02-13-2024 01:15 PM
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