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Download: Hide Titles
This article explains how to hide widget titles in Sisense.
Sisense widgets come with white header bars meant to show titles.  Depending on your widget, you may want to remove this title bar.  This plugin adds a menu option for hiding the title bar. 
The following steps will walk through the process of adding the plugin and creating a custom filter.


Download the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins\ folder. If you are using version 7.2 and higher unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\ folder. If the plugins folder doesn't exist, just create it. After those files have been unzipped there, you may also have to restart the web server. Now when you create/edit a widget, there should be a settings menu for hiding the widget title.
  • This plugin supports the native Sisense charts, along with the Custom Filters Plugin.  If you want to adjust this for additional plugin chart types, then open the hideTitles.js file and modify the chartTypes object.  Each object in this dictionary represents a chart type and provides a jQuery selector (required) for the container element and a customerFormatter function (optional) if anything custom is required to reformat this chart type.  Simply add your custom chart type to this dictionary and apply any custom formatting as needed.
  • Normally moving widgets around on the dashboard is done by dragging from the widget's title bar.  When you hide the title bar, you are reducing the area available to click on for this drag and drop positioning.  An easy solution is to remember that the top left corner of each chart has six white dots, which represents the dragging option.  You can always click here to drag your widget around the dashboard.
  • This plugin still displays the edit widgetwidget menu, and clear selection icons in Designer mode.
8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Link of this widget is no longer working, do you have any update please?

11 - Data Pipeline
11 - Data Pipeline

I don't think this plugin is working anymore (at least as of L2023.4, may have been earlier). Removing the widget titles via Widget script is less than ideal. Is there an alternative to this plugin?

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