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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
This plugin allows an admin to hide export options from a widget's download menu. Features include the ability to select specific charts and menu options to hide and the ability to whitelist user roles so these users can continue to view and use all download options.
Simply extract this folder into your Sisense installation's ../PrismWeb/plugins directory. If you are using version 7.2 and higher unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\ folder. From there, you can manipulate the included config.js file to configure which download options you would like to hide.
By changing the values inside the arrays in config.js, the user can change which menu options are hidden on widgets and configure which chart types and roles are affected. Additionally, the user can whitelist certain roles, or allow them to still view the export options. By default, the 'admin' is still allowed to view and use all download options. Below are three tables containing the chart, menu item, and role names and their corresponding config.js values.
  • In the current version, the effects are applied to all listed chart types for all non-whitelisted users.
7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

This plugin does not seem to work on Linux version L2022.10. Is there any new version of this plugin? 

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‎03-02-2023 09:07 AM
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