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Community Team Member

Sometimes we'd like to see all our data up to today, not including. It is very easy to achieve this within the Elasticube by creating a custom column which calculates the daydiff between the date to today i.e. daydiff(now(),[date_field])

and then filter that dimension by excluding the '0' value, though this will require us to add a complete column for every row in this table, which can be redundant. Instead, we can do this using JAQL as an advanced filter.

In order to achieve this, create the filter on the days' list picker, then, without selecting or un-selecting a day:


Then, go to the advanced tab and paste the following jaql:

 "explicit": false,
 "multiSelection": true,
 "exclude": {
 "last": 1,
 "offset": 0

You can test this to validate the query is indeed returning all days except from today


After achieving this filter, you can star this filter, and use it for additional widgets or measured values.




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