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In this post we'll learn how to create a drill down hierarchy for Days-->Hours-->Minutes-->Seconds. A general quick solution, in case you need the drill mostly for pivot table visualizations, would be to use the Elasticube to model additional hour/minute/second columns - Add then create a hierarchy using those columns.

Day/hour/minute/second Hierarchy:
  1. In the Elasticube Manager, use the Add Custom Field to the table in the Elasticube which holds your timestamp.
  2. Create each field, make sure to set them to Type: Int, and in the editor - Use the GetHour(Date) / GetMinute(Date) / GetSecond(Date) to create each field accordingly (see example below).
  3. Build your cube.
Example for syntax to create "Hour" custom column:
  1. In the web browser, browse to http://localhost:8081 [or the port where Sisense is installed if other than the default].
  2. Go to Admin --> Elasticubes
  3. Choose your cube and press on the right hand side on "Manage Hierarchies" (Documentation:
  4. Click on Add Hierarchy, and begin to specify your hierarchy. For example, in my case I chose : Days in OrderDate --> Hour --> Minute --> Second
  5. You can mark the "Always include with field" if you want this drill down to always appear when the Days in OrderDate field is chosen for a widget.
Your new hierarchy should now look like this:
  1. Now, go back to the dashboard and create a new pivot table widget.
  2. Select for the rows - Days in OrderDate and whichever additional dimensions you would like to show.
  3. Choose some value measure for the values.
  4. Apply when done.
  5. Notice that when you right click on your Days in OrderDate field, you are now given the possibility to drill down to hours/minutes/seconds.

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