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In Sisense, you can view two separate dashboards side by side and slice/dice the data differently for each of them. Of course you could open each dashboard in a new tab, but then you can't see them both at the same time. This post describes how to create a single web page that contains two dashboards side by side, with a dropdown menu that a user can use to pick which dashboards to compare. The labels in the dropdown menu come from the dashboard's titles.
Follow the steps below to compare two dashboards side by side in a web page:

Step 1 - Add the HTML Page

Download the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\Resources\ folder. This is a pretty standard HTML page, that has two iframes (one for each dashboard).  

Step 2 - Customize the HTML Page

In the index.html web page, there is a variable named sisenseSettings (line 12).
// Define the settings for the menus
     var sisenseSettings = {
     homeUrl: '/app/main#/',
     homeText: 'Home',
     baseUrl: '/app/main#/dashboards/',
     embedParams: '?embed=true'   
This outlines the default settings for this web page.  Most of these should stay the same, but you may want to change the embedParams settings.  This is the embedding parameters, defined here, and defaults to showing just the dashboard and filters.  
If you want to customize this page further, feel free to modify the HTML in index.html and style.css to get the desired look and feel.

Step 3 - Add the Additional Links plugin

Download the Add Additional Links plugin and follow the instructions to add the plugin to Sisense.  Edit the buttons.js file, so that it looks like the code sample below.
// Add an array to the prism object for additional links
prism.extraButtons = [
    link: "/Resources/DashboardComparison/",
    label: "Dashboard Comparison"
Save the buttons.js file and restart your web browser.  When you log into Sisense again, you should see a link at the top right of your screen that will take you to the dashboard comparison.
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