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 Analytical Need 

Attached below is a BloX template.
A common request is to have a 'From To' input at the top of the dashboard to affect a calendar range selection of dates.
To achieve this need we can utilize BloX's form capabilities.
Picking a date range in a calendar of a 'Date' filter and looking into the jaql created by it shows the following:
We can use input fields to change the date range values selected in the from:to keys.


We will use the skeleton that creates an action that affects the selected filters:
Make sure to change the "filterName" to the right filter column name.
Also, make sure to use the right jaql that needs to be populated.
"type": "ActionSet",
"actions": [
"type": "Filters",
"title": "Submit",
"data": {
"filters": [
"filterName": "Days in Date",
"filterJaql": {
"from": "",
"to": "",
"custom": true
Then, make sure to create the required Input field to pass on the input value and populate the from/to:
"type": "Input.Date",
"id": "data.filters[0].filterJaql.from",
"placeholder": "yyyy-mm-dd",
"defaultValue": "",
"style": {
"width": "100%"
"borderRadius": "4px",
"borderStyle": "none",
"backgroundColor": "#F4F4F8"
The "id" should hold the entire path of the key that needs to be populated with the value.
That's it!
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