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Community Team Member
The information in a blox text box can be used to create a filter.
I ran into a use case wherein the client wanted to create a filter based on a list of values in csv file. The filter dimension has thousands of options and users would often need to select hundreds of unrelated values.
Now we can allow users to copy those values into a blox widget and create the filter from that.
Step 1: The blox widget. I used the "Form" template and just removed everything except for a single text block.
You'll notice at the bottom we have changed the action in the template with the new action that we are creating.
The next step is to create the action.
You'll notice "" in the action refers to the id we gave the text box on like 25 of our widget.
We take the text and convert it into an array based on new lines. If you wanted to put in a comma delineated list in your text box instead, you would just modify the parameter to split to use a comma instead of a '\n'.
Once we have that array we create a new filter. On line 23 of the action we set the dimension. On line 26 we assign the array to be the members in our filter.
And that's it.
Now we have a button that will create a new dashboard filter based on the contents of the text box.
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